Air Transportation

Date 2022-10-20
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It is mainly engaged in cargo import and export air transportation business from Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Hong Kong and other international airports, and has opened up Southeast Asia routes, Australia routes, Europe, America and Middle East Africa special lines. It is the first-class agent of Ca China International Airlines, CZ China Southern Airlines, AK Asia Airlines, QF Australia Airlines, UPS airlines, EK Emirates Airlines, LH Lufthansa, and with KQ, GF, MH, GA, ox, SQ, et, TK, PK, SV Oz and other airlines maintain close cooperative relations.

Xinyue international freight forwarder

Efficient service network has spread all over the world

Service process

1. Customer inquiry

A specially assigned person will follow up professionally and provide professional transportation according to different goods and factory delivery dates

2. Customer orders

Remarks and special precautions

3. Arrange delivery

Arrange container trucks to load containers and pick up goods at the supplier’s factory

4. Check transport bill of lading

Professional operation follow-up and check the transportation bill of lading with customers

5. Export declaration

Arrange export through customs declaration, sea transportation and air transportation

6. Logistics status

Track the logistics status of goods at any time during transportation

7. Notify consignee

Inform the consignee in advance to prepare customs clearance documents before arrival at the port

8. Receiving

Complete the customs inspection and deliver the goods to the consignee

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