Singapore Special Line

Date 2022-10-19
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Guangzhou-Singapore sea to door

  1. Double customs clearance on the shipping line from Guangzhou to Singapore, and direct delivery to the place designated by the consignee;
  2. Take care of all export procedures in China – receipt, container loading, export customs declaration, shipping, customs clearance and delivery with the destination port;
  3. The consignor only needs to provide relevant information such as the packing list of the goods and the address of the sender;
  4. The ship will be dispatched three times a week (Monday, Wednesday and Friday for closing and loading), and it can be delivered to the door about 3 days after arriving at the port.
  5. For ordinary goods, the consignee in Singapore only needs to pay 7% of the imported GST (consumption tax), and does not need to pay any other fees; For ordinary goods, the
  6. If the delivery address is in Singapore Customs Warehouse FTZ, Sentosa SENTOSA, Jurong Island, SANDS EXPO (Sands), Marina Sands or exhibiting goods, please inform us in advance. This requires another special offer, if you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

Reminder: The outer packaging of the goods must be marked with a clear mark

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