Dubai Special Line

Date 2022-10-19
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DUBAI door to door line

Guangzhou-Shenzhen-Ningbo, fixed several weekly flights to DUBAI Shuangqing to the door

Golden Team Dubai Shuangqing door-to-door service:

  1. Double customs clearance on the shipping line from Guangzhou to Dubai, and direct delivery to the place designated by the consignee;
  2. Take care of all export procedures in China – receipt, container loading, export customs declaration, shipping, customs clearance and delivery with the destination port;
  3. The consignor only needs to provide relevant information such as the packing list of the goods and the address of the sender;
  4. Weekly fixed flights, about 25 days after departure from mainland China;
  5. The consignee only needs to pay the freight at the port of departure, and the port of destination does not need to pay any other fees;
  6. The delivery address range is: Al Wear, Al Quoose, Naif Road, Bar Dubai, Sharjah, Al Quasis, Deira, International city; MURSHID BAZARAⅡ), if you need to go to other addresses, please feel free to call for confirmation.

Reminder: The outer packaging of the goods must be marked with a clear mark

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