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Date 2022-10-19
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Australia door to door line

  1. Special person to follow up, one-to-one service, full tracking
  2. There is a professional team to follow up, the operation team, and many people have many years of work experience in the terminal and shipping company
  3. More than 15 years of local logistics operation experience

There are various ways of serving:
15-year-old route recommendation:

Shipping FCL to Hong Kong
Our company has directly signed contracts with CSCL, COSCO, CMA, APL and other shipping companies, and does not do a second transfer, and the position is guaranteed. It takes about 11 days from Shenzhen to SYDNEY, and 14 days to MELBOURNE.

LCL to Hong Kong
They have their own long-term cooperating agency companies in the local area, which can help the consignee to unpack and distribute the goods locally.

FCL to door by sea
Our company has directly signed contracts with CSCL, COSCO, CMA, APL and many other shipping companies, and there is no second hand transfer, and the position is guaranteed.

Shipping LCL to door
Our company has its own agency in Australia, with professional trailer dealers, customs brokers and warehouses. Can provide professional Australian door to door service

Door to door service is as follows:

  1. From Guangzhou to Australia’s Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Fremantle, Adelaide shipping line double customs clearance, direct delivery to the address designated by the consignee;
  2. Take care of all export procedures in China – receipt, container loading, export customs declaration, shipping, customs clearance and delivery with the destination port;
  3. The consignor only needs to provide relevant information such as the packing list of the goods and the address of the sender;
  4. For ordinary goods, the Australian consignee only needs to pay the import GST tax, customs duties and customs system fee of 70AUD
    (According to the actual situation, we can cooperate with customers to reduce tax or exempt tax reasonably)

Australia import GST tax and customs duty collection details:

Import GST= (value of goods + sea freight (20USD/CBM) + insurance + tariff) x 10%

Tariff = tax rate (5%-10%, general common goods are 5%) x value of goods

Please note: The Central Inspection Bureau stipulates that the log packaging of export commodities needs to be fumigated, and there should be no bark, insects, mildew (green, mildew spots, etc.), moisture, etc., otherwise export is prohibited.

Our company is for formal customs clearance, and the destination port has an independent customs tax bill for the consignee. The consignee can apply to the Australian government for corporate business income tax hedging or refund of import GST tax every month, quarterly or at the end of each year.

Specific delivery time:

SYDNEY: Expected to arrive in 28 days, 7 Jindalee Place, Riverwood, NSW 2210 onwards 30KM package delivery

MELBOURNE: It is expected to arrive in 28 days, and it will be delivered within 30KM from Port Melbourne VIC 3207 on the South Bank of Melbourne.


BRISBANE: It is expected to arrive in 30 days, and it will be delivered within 30KM from the port of Brisbane, Queensland
FREMANTL / PERTH: Expected to arrive in 30-35 days, within 30KM from Fremantle Harbour


Air Freight to Airport Service

China departure airport: Guangzhou-Shenzhen-Dalian-Qingdao-Shanghai-Ningbo-Xiamen-Hong Kong

Australian Airports: Sydney SYD, Melbourne MEL, Brisbane BNE, Perth PER, Cairns

Partner airlines: CZ (China Southern Airlines), SQ(), B7(), CX(), CA(), TG(), GA(), FJ (Fiji Airways), MH (Malaysia Airlines)

Route advantage:

CZ: Direct flights to SYD, MEL, BNE, boutique routes, time guarantee

AK: Transfer fee SYD, MEL, BNE, OOL, economical

CZ: Direct flight SYD, MEL, BNE, high-quality route, aging guarantee.

AK: Transfer fee SYD, MEL, BNE, OOL, economic benefits.

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