Guangzhou Golden Team Forwarding Co.,Ltd. Warehousing and Logistics Service Introduction

Date 2022-10-19
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The Golden Team warehouse is located in Huangpu District, Guangzhou, with a total area of ​​1,000 square meters of modern logistics warehouses.

The warehouse is only 5KM away from Guangzhou Huangpu Wharf, which is convenient for container loading and unloading.

The warehouse is now equipped with 4 forklifts and more than 20 workers, who can provide loading and unloading services for two cabinets at the same time.

Security patrols within 24 hours, and all firefighting implementations are complete. There is also 360-degree non-dead angle monitoring to observe the cargo situation in real time. Resolutely put an end to fire hazards.

Warehouse stockpiling We will distribute the goods and take photos for each ticket according to the customer’s requirements. After each shipment enters the warehouse, the size will be measured first, then the weight will be weighed, and photos will be taken to make a file for each shipment.

With the continuous upgrading of modern logistics and the continuous upgrading of customers’ packaging requirements for goods, the Golden Team warehouse has been able to pack wooden boxes for large machines directly inside the warehouse. The material of the wooden box is the fumigation-free wood board certified by the Commodity Inspection Bureau, which will further upgrade the safety of your goods. At the same time, we can also make pallets for carton goods. The pallets are also fumigation-free wooden pallets certified by the Commodity Inspection Bureau.

The Golden Team warehouse will inspect and renovate the facilities of the warehouse every year. Strive for seamless integration with modern logistics.

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