Full Range Prep Services

We provide prep service for your shipments

If this is your first contact with international freight forwarder Logistics, we can provide you with hands-on support. These include localized purchasing, shipping your googds from your suppliers to Amazon warehouses, helping you generate shipping plans, and so on.

Pricing Of Services

Services Pricing Remarks
Gerneral inspection Free Carton appearanse and quantity checking
Consolidation Free Collect the goods from different suppliers and arrange shipment together
FNSKU label 0.1USD/pcs We print and stick FNSKU labies on each of your package
Storage 14 days free USD4.9/CBM/Month for storage beyond 14 days
Labeling 0.1USD/pcs FNSKU label/Suffocation label/Made In China label
Poly bag Case by case Price depends on the size of the product.
Pack/repack Case by case -
Shrink wrap Case by case -
FBA product Photograph Case by case -